Dog Runs Off-Leash

Walking Your Dog Off-Leash in Pinto Lake, California

If you’re a dog owner, it’s likely that at some point you’ll have to walk your dog off-leash. It may be on a hike, through a park, around a playground, or possibly even when on a walk with a friend. Here are some tips to keep in mind when doing so. Don’t forget to use these!


First, stay put.

A dog park is usually not fenced and there are many other people (both human and animal) walking by during the day. Therefore, you should stay put. It’s easy to get distracted by the kids running around, or the dog jumping on a kid’s shoulders. Stay put and don’t chase your dog.


Second, turn left.

Once you’re in the dog park, turn left and walk the other way as far as you can go without turning back. If it seems like you’ve gone a long way, stop and sit down. Your dog probably doesn’t know where you’re going and may just want to wander off again. Walk back and try again another day.



cross the green valley road as fast as you can and turn left. If your dog has already found an old roadbed or even a fallen tree, he may be too stressed to continue. If this is the case, you have to take him into the dog park and begin walking in the opposite direction, back towards green valley road. Make sure you don’t ever turn left in that process, though. If your dog panics and runs away, you’ll have plenty of time to turn right back and catch him before he can hit the asphalt.



cross the green onto the paved path. Don’t forget to leash your dog. If you don’t want to use the leash, take your dog into the park and stand him up next to the playground equipment. If you haven’t taken your dog far enough, he might jump right on the equipment and start running wild.



go back to the beginning point and begin your hike. When you reach it, go right back to the start and turn right again. Continue on this route until you reach the playground equipment. Put your dog on the leash and walk him over to where the play area was. This will give him a chance to go potty there, while you take some pictures for your scrapbook.

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