Tips on Having Sunglasses

When choosing sunglasses, one thing many people look out for is being able to see clearly while wearing them. Most sunglasses today are polarized, which protects our eyes from the effects of both UVA and UVB rays.

100% protectin for UVA and UVB rays

Sunglasses also need to have 100% protection against both UVA and UVB rays, but what if you don’t really need those extra protections? Some sunglasses only provide UV protection, while others completely shield your eyes from the sun. If you don’t need your sunglasses to provide 100% protection, you can buy non-polarized sunglasses.

Eye shape plays a major role

There are four basic eye shapes: oval, round, long, and square. The shape of your face will determine which lens would suit you best. For instance, if your face is round, you’ll need more spherical lenses than those that are meant to be used on a round face. Lenses are designed to make the wearer’s eyes appear larger and clearer.

Choose a sunglass that fits

It would be great to find a pair that would balance your face, but large round eyes will make it hard to find the right ones. Your glasses will be able to enhance the shape of your eyes and will help you see better at night. If you have small eyes or medium-sized eyes, a pair of glasses that fit your nose and forehead won’t work well for you. Try to find a lens that fits your frame.

Protect your eyes

If you lead a very active lifestyle and you are outdoors a lot, you’re much more likely to experience skin damage from ultraviolet rays and have problems with premature aging. These sunglasses can protect your eyes from these UV rays and reduce your risk of getting cancer as a result of sun exposure. If you tend to stay indoors a lot, you should look for sun protection sunglasses, not just sunglasses with UV protection. Though these sunglasses will give you UV protection, they won’t block the sun’s harmful rays completely.

Prevent cataracts

People who have cataracts or nearsightedness may also want to consider sunglasses that provide protection from ultraviolet rays. Cataracts are when the tiny capillaries in your eyes become damaged. UV rays will harm this part of your eyes and can cause serious problems such as blindness. When you wear sunglasses with UV protection, it decreases the amount of time that your eyes are exposed to these damaging UV rays. People with cataracts and nearsightedness should avoid wearing shades with heavy sunlight. They may even want to invest in a pair of sunglasses with a polarizing filter so that they can enjoy sunny days without the sun shining in their eyes.

Invest in new pair of sunglasses

If you regularly wear prescription eyeglasses, you should consider investing in a new pair of sunglasses. The UV rays you would otherwise be exposed to every day could cause damage to your eyes. In addition, if you are constantly exposed to the sun, your glasses could begin to fog up and lose their sharpness. A new pair of prescription sunglasses will give you clearer vision and improve your eyesight. Not only that, but your glasses will look great and will make you look younger!

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