Reasons You Should Choose Organic Baby Formula

organic baby formula

Organic baby food is healthier for your baby than traditional commercially produced baby foods. While many baby foods sold in stores are processed using chemicals and other additives, organic baby formula truly is grown without growth hormones, antibiotics, or other irradiation. So, what are the benefits of organic baby formula? Let’s look at a few:


* Nutrition. The best thing about the organic formula is that it is made using the highest quality ingredients available. No harmful chemicals or synthetic additives are used, so your baby is getting everything from vitamins to minerals. You’re also not putting any harmful artificial coloring or preservatives into your baby’s system. These are some of the healthiest and purest foods available.


* Better For Your Baby. Organic baby formulas truly are the best thing for your baby. Studies have shown that babies who were fed traditional breast milk were not receiving all of the nutrients necessary for optimal growth. Most were not receiving enough iron, despite the importance of iron in overall health for babies. Organic formulas not only provide the right amount of nutrients, but they are also the cleanest way to deliver nutrition directly to babies’ breasts.


* Health-wise, there are even more reasons to choose organic formulas over regular store brands. Organic formulas are free of any artificial colorings, as well as SLS (chlorination byproducts) that may linger in some formulas after they have been processed. This means that even the brands that claim to be the “best value” on the market may not be the healthiest choice for your baby. In addition, organic European formula lacks the excessive levels of sodium that are common in store brand baby drinks and cereals.


* Additional Benefits. Organic European formula does not use any form of preservatives like BHT, BHA or Ethoxyquin, which is common in store brand baby formulas. This means that your baby is getting all-natural, chemical-free milk and other ingredients that are healthier for him or her. Some organic formulas also contain goat’s milk, which has a natural conditioner that can help moisturize the skin and help prevent dryness.


Organic infant formula has provided parents with an option that has proven to provide healthy and safe alternatives for their children. Organic formulas are the best value for our hard-earned dollar. Studies show that organic formulas lead to fewer ear infections, more robust lung development, and an increased immune system. The vitamins and other nutrients found in European organic formulas provide a healthier and more complete diet for our precious infants.

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