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Life-Saving Glasses Hacks

Life-saving glasses hacks can be the difference between seeing clearly and being blind. A band-aid can cover your nose and stop your glasses from sliding around your face. Tie the bobbles behind your ear or around the arm of your glasses. A microfiber cloth can also help. And a hand sanitizing wipe won’t do any good if your nose is fogged up. Try these tricks next time you’re in the grocery store.

Cases Of Your Glasses

If you’ve ever lost your glasses, you know how frustrating it is to look for them in the dark. This life-saving glasses hack lets you see where you’ve put your glasses and saves you from countless hours of searching for them in the dark. This trick works for both the frames and the cases of your glasses, so they won’t get lost in your bag. If you wear prescription eyewear, this hack can save you from having to spend an hour trying to find your pair of glasses.

Wrap A Hair Tie

Another life-saving glasses hack is to wrap a hair tie around your glasses. If you can find a hair tie that matches your glasses, this will help you hide your frames from the world. If you can’t find a hair tie in the right color, try wrapping it around your sunglasses. This way, it will be hidden behind your ears, so you don’t need to worry about losing your glasses. And it’s also an easy solution for scratched lenses.

Sponge And Newspaper

A sponge and newspaper will work to wipe down your glasses. A newspaper can even prevent your glasses from falling down your nose. The best part? It doesn’t cost anything. You can buy a cheaper version and use the same sponge to clean your glasses. Then, you can just throw away the old one. And remember, you can use these tricks whenever you need to clean your glasses. There’s a huge range of glasses-hacks out there that can save you money, while still allowing you to get the perfect pair of spectacles.

Using a sponge to clean your glasses will save you a lot of money. A sponge will not only clean your glasses, but it will also help you save on a few other items, like a prescription. But, if you can’t afford these things, you can try some of these life-saving glasses hacks. These tips will make your glasses last longer and look great. If you’re a frequent wearer of spectacles, you’ll definitely enjoy these tips.

In Summary

If you wear glasses on a daily basis, then you probably have experienced the frustration of falling glasses. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to keep your glasses from slipping down your nose. Just use a newspaper or sponge to clean your glasses. Alternatively, you can use newspaper to wipe your nose with your fingers. This is a very useful tip for people who wear their glasses on a regular basis, but this can save you money too.

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