how to save Electricity Cost?

Ways to Save Electricity Cost

Electricity is used by all types of equipment and appliances in your home or office. The utility companies are charging us a high amount of prices for using electricity. Even if we use electricity for lighting, cooking, and cooling purpose then it is equally expensive for us. Electricity Costs make our life extremely difficult to manage as it has become a necessity. Electricity, unlike gas and mineral fuels, is not produced on a large scale. Electricity is obtained from power plants using coal, crude oil, and natural gas.


If you calculate the consumption per unit of electricity

it will show you that the average electric bill consumed per month is almost equal to 4.6 kwh or about equivalent to 9 billion kilowatt-hours. Consumption per unit is based on the average consumption rate for an average period of one year. This data tells us about our dependency on energy. Consumption per unit also indicates the amount of energy we consume per year, monthly, quarterly and yearly. We can easily estimate that if we use more electricity then it would take so many units of energy to do so.


The main cause behind increasing electricity costs

is the rapid growth in technology. Laptops, computers, and other electronic devices require more power, which increases their usage per unit. Electricity is one factor that is affected by an increase in technology. If you think about it, you will find out that the increasing cost of electronic products has become a reality without any change in basic economic structure. Electricity bill is one factor which has been keeping people worried for a long time. It makes it difficult to pay bills on time and leads to tensions between consumers and suppliers.


As per the statistics, the average electric bill

is increasing by approximately $.12 every month. This trend is going to continue as well, as there is no dearth of supply of raw materials. There is also no dearth of consumer demands, with an increasing number of people using laptops, mobile phones, and other electrical devices. Increasing demand is the only reason for this increase in the electricity bill. However, there are many factors affecting electricity bills which we cannot control such as climate, economy, consumption pattern, etc.


To get an idea of how much your bill 

simply divide it by the number of kwh: kilowatt per kwh or cents per kwh. If you find that average electricity costs are increasing rapidly, there could be three major reasons behind it: increasing consumption, increase in demand, and technological advances like high-speed internet and digital cameras which make electricity cheaper. Even if there is no change in consumption pattern, but there is a steep rise in the competition in the electricity market. Prices of various commodities also fluctuate depending upon government policies. The government often subsidizes certain commodities which results in increased competition and hence, lower prices of these commodities.


If you want to reduce your electricity cost

all you need to do is minimize power consumption. For instance, if you use computers more than four times a day, then it is a must for you to disconnect the power consumption. Try to consume maximum energy in less than one hour and if you do this, you will not have to pay any extra kilowatt per hour for the electricity.

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