How to Choose the Right Brand

Work boots are a basic requirement for all occupations

However, not all work boots are created equal. In fact, work boots can be quite expensive. That said, it is certainly possible to find work boots that fit your budget and are top quality.

The first place to start when looking for a bargain is with brands like Tony Lama. These work boots are often sold at major discount stores such as Walmart or Target. Unfortunately, due to their low price, they do not last very long. Tony Lama work boots are generally made from leather, but there are also some that are made from crocodile skin, which is significantly cheaper.

The cheapest brand that you could purchase

Another brand that is often overlooked but is actually just as good as Tony Lama, is called Kookaburra. This company produces some great work boots. As with Tony Lama, they tend to be on the expensive side, but are usually constructed of good quality leather. There are even some that have PVC inserts.

The cheapest brand that you could purchase for work boots would probably be Merrell. However, the construction of these work boots is substandard. It is possible to get an adjustable heel and rigid forefoot, but overall, this is more of an urban look rather than a work boot. Although, if you can find one that has a rubber midsole, it would be great. As with most work boots, Merrell work boots are available online.

If money is not a factor, you should consider brands like Etonic

Their work boots are moderately priced, and they have a very unique and classy look. They come in various colors, and you can buy them in black, navy, or grey. They are constructed out of high quality leather, and are also offered in canvas. These work boots are often advertised for being able to withstand extreme temperatures. If you are going to be outside for long periods of time, or if your job requires you to work in a damp, humid environment, then an Etonic product would be a wise choice.

Another brand that you might want to consider when shopping for work boots is Black Wolf. This brand is relatively new when compared to other brands like Etonic and Merrell, but they have been making quality boots for over a decade. Unlike many of the others that I mentioned, Black Wolf boots are made from pure leather, and not vinyl. Although, their price tag may put some off initially, they will stand up to your abuse much better than most of the other brands like Etonic, Merrell, and Black Wolf.

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