Dental Marketing

How Dental Marketing Can Help Generating New Patients

Dental marketing is a generic term used to define any advertising or marketing that deals with dental care. It can include television advertisements, magazine ads, newspaper ads, or it can involve more indirect activities, like school athletic programs featuring local dental school athletes. Dental marketing has come a long way from the days of one-too-many-pills and one-too-soft advertisements. Today, there are many different ways to market your dental practice. Let’s look at a few examples:


There are many types of online dental marketing activities.

This includes marketing to traditional patients via email and the like. Some of these dental marketing activities include cold calling or using the phone to make sales. Other types of dental marketing activities include making dental referrals or generating new clients through referrals to your clinic. Either way, dental practices should use all methods available to generate informed decisions about their practice.


Another way dental marketing

can help your practice is through education. Through informative marketing efforts, you can inform your patients of all the services and procedures available, as well as helpful information regarding maintaining oral care. This can help build up confidence in your practice, as well as allowing patients to ask any questions they might have. This can also help in developing customer loyalty, which is important for a successful dental practice marketing campaign.


Marketing materials

for dental practices can take many forms, from flyers to brochures and catalogs to newsletters. One of the best ways to effectively market your practice, however, is through the implementation of a dental marketing package. A dental marketing package can consist of anything from an entire insurance policy to sample dental x-rays. Whatever your dental practice decides to promote, it should be detailed, comprehensive, and designed to appeal to the target audience.


The easiest way to create a dental marketing package

is through bundling. Dentists who choose to bundle their services, whether it’s in a monthly magazine subscription or a bulk order form with a local insurance carrier, can drastically increase their advertising and general awareness of their practice. Many insurance carriers offer discounts on office visits, while at the same time offering dentist’s a great way to increase their client base by bundling. Dentists can find out more about the benefits of bundling for themselves and their patients by consulting with their local insurance carriers.


Dental marketing can be extremely useful,

but only if used in conjunction with other marketing tools. It can be most effective, however, when used as a part of a combined form of marketing and advertising. For example, rather than just sending a single email detailing services, one could consider sending several emails with various offers and information regarding new patients. It is somewhat effective in this manner because it increases the number of people who are aware of a dentist in their area and therefore increases the likelihood that these people will visit the dentist at some point in time.

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